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40 years today since Ian Curtis died. Because I did some design work for Joy Division, people always assume I knew him, but actually I think I only met him twice, each time in the company of my friend Rob Gretton, and we will have only exchanged a nod and a "How's it Going?" at most. I saw the band a few times going back to their Warsaw days because I was involved with the Manchester music scene and attending lots of gigs, but that's about it. Rob, as their manager, had me design a record sleeve for their re-issued 12" version of "An Ideal For Living" in 1978 and I designed a set of a dozen lapel badges, the first Joy Division pins ever made. Years later, the Guardian would cite the badges as iconic milestones that defined the punk badge scene ... and my sleeve design went on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, which is mind-blowing to me. So I am happy to have been involved in the Joy Division saga, even if only in such a small, peripheral way. But I am more grateful that the music that Ian and those other young lads created 40-odd years ago resonated so strongly with my own kids that they were directly inspired to become musicians and form Pop Noir in their teens. My son Joe, in particular, fell in love with the music of Joy Division and it became his greatest musical influence. The lads have had some wonderful adventures through Pop Noir and created work of which they should be proud, and I have derived enormous pleasure and pride in watching their journey and seeing their enjoyment. Thank you, Ian. #joydivision #iancurtis #popnoir