Up the chimney

August 2011

ladsAfter years of prevarication, excuses and indolence, I finally got round to redesigning my website, which hasn’t had a style makeover since the internet was made from string and tincans and driven by steam. Or to be more accurate, I finally got round to telling Joe, the eldest of the McGarry offspring, what I was looking for and he redesigned it for me.

In case you’re not familiar with their work, when my twin sons Joe and Luke are not busy being the indie band Pop Noir, they operate a design and illustration business in the guise of The Fantastic Heat Brothers. Although they are both fairly well-versed in all the disciplines, Luke tends to specialize in illustration, design and animation, while Joe takes care of the digital side of the business, from game and apps design, to high-end website creation. So, long story short, I shamelessly took advantage and pulled rank to pressgang him into service in the name of the old man. Why have children if not to exploit them? He can count himself fortunate that we do not live in Victorian times, as I would have had no compunction in sending him up chimneys …

One of the aspects of the new site is that we’ll be updating my syndicated features on a daily basis. I’m also revisiting my daily strip Badlands for the first time since it ended its 12-year run in UK daily The Sun, the biggest English language newspaper in the world, back in 2001. I’ll also be posting updates on my latest projects, looking back at previous features, adding technique tips and insights and generally pontificating about this, that and the other. Hope to see you often!