Back in the mid-1980s, I did quite a bit of work for “Look-In,” which was one of Britain’s most popular children’s magazines. It was billed as the “Junior TV Times” and it focused on TV shows, movies and pop music. Some great artists worked for the magazine, including Martin Asbury,… Read More

Doves in Biographic

Feb 14 2012

A lot of incredible music has emerged from my home town of Manchester over the years – and a big chunk of it has been created by Doves. To coincide with their last tour of the United States, in 2009, I featured them in my weekly syndicated comic strip BIOGRAPHIC.… Read More

Up the chimney

Aug 15 2011

After years of prevarication, excuses and indolence, I finally got round to redesigning my website, which hasn’t had a style makeover since the internet was made from string and tincans and driven by steam. Or to be more accurate, I finally got round to telling Joe, the eldest of the… Read More